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Afraid of sleep

I’m afraid of sleep lately. It is not that I’m afraid of darkness, as I was in the past. It is not that in afraid of nightmares, no, although I’m afraid of dreams. See, when I lay in bed ready … Continue reading

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Dear Friend – again

Dear Friend, please don’t take it personal. Although it might be. My Ugly face, or sarcasm face wasn’t against you it was just to much you know. I love your kid a lot. Not as much as I love my … Continue reading

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Toddler Bed

I decides to move my son to a rodelas Bed. A few months ago, Like 5 or so, i did it and was a big Mess. He kept walking out of his bedroom every 2 minutes and sister kept screaming … Continue reading

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Budget and diagnostics

I think all the parents that have the opportunity to learn from a son/daughter with a different condition have talk, or feel pain, with this topic. Money. How horrible is to feel one is not going to be able to … Continue reading

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What do you wish for Mother’s Day?

That is what my husband asked me a few days ago. And I didn’t answer a thing. I just want both of my kids to be happy. That is all I want. I want to Know what my little one … Continue reading

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