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Thanks I have to say, because we are fine, we are alive, we are in the correct place to receive the help my son needs. Thanks because we have food on our table, because no matter how difficult things sometimes … Continue reading

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Afraid of sleep

I’m afraid of sleep lately. It is not that I’m afraid of darkness, as I was in the past. It is not that in afraid of nightmares, no, although I’m afraid of dreams. See, when I lay in bed ready … Continue reading

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If I count how many times I had hide in the bathroom to cry since March I can say to many to count. But I I look at october I can count just one. Just one. Things are getting better, … Continue reading

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Dear Friend – again

Dear Friend, please don’t take it personal. Although it might be. My Ugly face, or sarcasm face wasn’t against you it was just to much you know. I love your kid a lot. Not as much as I love my … Continue reading

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Life gets busy

I have been wanting to write but every time I start I have to stop for something or I remember I have to do something. We celebrate my husband birthday this weekend. I promise my daughter, whose birthday is also … Continue reading

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Black widow

Well it was a black widow, Just confirmed as the look on the bites 2 weeks after. Thanks God, and I’m not religious so I use this just an expression, my son wasn’t allergic to the “poison” and didn’t have … Continue reading

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