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My not anymore “No Verbal” Son is speaking. We still have a looong way to go for him to have a conversation bue HEY! He is 2.3 years old! Wasn’t expecting a conversation from Him yet. Although some peers do … Continue reading

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Giant Steps

We are having giant, humongous, steps. And I’m so afraid we find a stop to this pattern. HE has been sayng so many words, even dancing and waving following the words of a song. Then singing the song with ITS … Continue reading

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And the word of the day is…..

DELICIOUS.   My 27 mo old, almost non verbal kid that has only used 3 or 4 words and of course 20 numbers ( because he is all about music and numbers) said : ” delicious” today. Just because he … Continue reading

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What should I fight for?

Lately I have been doubting a lot. That denial cycle has come and go and go and come. Today was a great day for my son. He was a parrot. Yes. The non talking kid was trying so hard to … Continue reading

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Little daughter

My oldest got in my nerves today. OMG! How come someone have such a selective hearing?. I mean really?. It is not just the constant chitchat, or the constant why why why. As tired as I am of both things … Continue reading

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Life gets busy

I have been wanting to write but every time I start I have to stop for something or I remember I have to do something. We celebrate my husband birthday this weekend. I promise my daughter, whose birthday is also … Continue reading

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Budget and diagnostics

I think all the parents that have the opportunity to learn from a son/daughter with a different condition have talk, or feel pain, with this topic. Money. How horrible is to feel one is not going to be able to … Continue reading

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