I know I haven’t write in a while. Well we have been busy. We increase the therapies, we added a special program I found with a Saint directing it. And also I concentrate my whole time in  2 pretty important things:

1) Help my son

2) Make my daughter and husband feel important, part of all the work and feel included in my life. Make them all happy the 3 of them.

So far things are working out. I hope they keep going that way.

My son is speaking. not in a conversation way. But now he uses words when he need them. HE still have troubles finding the words but when we help him he find them. And lately, this last weeks, he is finding them himself and has been surprising us in th emost incredible ways.

He said, with out been promted or helped : I’m So happy!!!!. when he was so excited playing with my daughter and mom. Yes he was playing with them, because HE is now a social little kid.

He still do not socialize with other kids his age. There is a little girl that keep wanting him to pay attention to her. She is the same age and even goes infront of him to tell him his name and start chatting none stop about something. He ignores her. But today at least he looked at her said hi and then ignored her. And when we left he said BYE and her name 🙂 .. A little mad though… but he said it!.

He says a lot of words and keep singing a lot of songs with all the lyrics. HE is right now “almost” at the same level as his peers, except for the jumping. And he can pass for a pretty quiet little boy that plays with the others.

In the other hand. He was tested in cognitive level and rated a little older than his older sister. :S. My daughter is 4.5 ..he is 2.8.. he rated 5… he reads…

He amaze me. But what I mind and care the most is that : ” HE IS SO HAPPY!” 🙂 and he knows it and he feels it, and he shares it. HE IS HAPPY!. that is all I want for my kids, to be happy!.

When I had his PPT and they asked me what was the most important thing I though he needed to develop. I answer ” A friend”. Because a Friend will pull or push him, a friend will love and understand him, A friend will make him eager to play what his friend plays or invite him to play what he plays. A friend, a friend is what he needs to develop. And for that he needs to speak, and for that he needs to coordinate his movements as good as the other kids so they invite him to play and he can make a friend.  SO, a Friend. That is what he needs. And we, teachers, therapist, and me, WE need to give him the tools.

🙂 So, we are here. I’m still here. It is just, I have no moment to write. I have a lot of things to do. 🙂 Like loving my kids and husband and hugs them thousands of times. 🙂

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