What should I fight for?

My mind is now in doubt. My therapist team wanted to know how much have we improved, learn and develop. So they started an “non oficial” ADOS with my kids. In stages instead of all one day.  Yesterday they did the cognitive part of it and …  we were amazed.

He is 32 months now. That means a little more than 2.5 years. His results shown a 4 yo. He did things I couldn’t believe he knew how to recognize. 4 yo. That was what the results of his cognitive part said. Today she did a second part. THe results of this 2 parts told us… he doesn’t need any services. That what the numbers say. Not what we see.

According to the numbers he is not in the spectrum and he shouldn’t be receiving services. As is a non formal test they will just not take it on count. But now we are wondering what is going on. The only test that we haven’t made and that I do think WILL show a completly different thing. Is the LANGUAGE one.

All the testes show him as  capable as a 4 yo. But he still doesn’t speak to much. And worst he is going back to no talking or scripting. This since we turn on the TV again.

We spend 2 months with out tv None at all. And he stopped scripting. Now He sees 30 minutes TV every 3 days and 1 hour on Sunday’s. He is scripting again. We will turn off the TV again.


It is just that now I don’t know what to fight for. For his diagnosis? or for he not to be diagnosed at all?. I was thinking We should wait until he is 5 for an official diagnosis. Now with the school district meeting, next month, I don’t know what to do….

Should I fight for him to be in an special needs program or should I fight for him not to and just qualify for language therapy?. I had talked with all of my therapist separetly. 3 think he is in the spectrum, 3 think he is not. 1 of the ones that doesn’t think he is ASD thinks is all about his pretty STRONG will.

He has a strong will. I can deny that. But I don’t know if that is part of him not wanting to talk or if he CAN’T.  I don’t know now. My mind is in doubt.


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