Time to sleep hell

Right now I’m sitting int he living room hearing my 2.5 yo scream like crazy all the words he know how to say that he thinks will communicate his frustration.

“What do you waaant” “Open” ” No sleep” ” LECHE” ” WHAT do you want” ” Use your words” “NOOO” ” I love you” ” OPEN”


All because.. I don;t know!

He is overtired. Extra super Overtired. He had 2 therapies in the morning and 2 hours of school afternoon, they had a “obstacle” race at school this afternoon and he was extra excited at the end of school when I picked him up.  He was singing the whole time in the car and playing with his sister. Then we arrive home and hell started. He was tired but didn’t want to sleep, he was hungry so we ate dinner. I wear him his PJ’s and said: ” time to sleep” and hell went loose.

My daughter, who was also extra tired today, went directly to her bed and fall sleep. Good think she sleeps like a rock because they share bedroom and since 8pm he hasn’t stop for long.

I went and hugged him, place him in his bed and lay there with him. He hold my hand so strongly I couldn’t move for a while. Until he start relaxing so I move my hand and he didn’t let me go. I wait longer. When It was, what I tought, already half hour I move and risk a look. HE was looking directly at me like saying : ” don’ you dare”. I went and cover my daughter as she was already all tangle in her covers So I arranged her bed and he kep looking directly. I move to the door and said “good night, I love you” in a whisper. He answer : ” I love you” in a whisper and then started screaming.

I close the safety gate we have at the entrance of their bedroom so he doesn’t wander around if he wakes up at night. He went there to hit the gate and scream.

Is 11 pm.  HE is laying near the gate screaming and falling sleep then waking up and screaming bloody hell again for 10 minutes. He has been doing that for an hour already. I’m so tired and sad. This hasn’t happened for months. 😦 what happened?.


he is screaming “mom?mom?” he is breaking my heart.

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