Just existing

🙂 The last few days-weeks, we have been just living.

There has been bad news and good news. 2 horrible bad news in our lives. 1st the husband of one of my friends died in an accident leaving her alone with her 2 kids, under 4yo both. So sad :(. and the second, our OT- my son’s OT- has been diagnosed with a chronic lethal disease. We are so sad , she also has 3 kids under 4 yo and 1 is special needs. So I’m trying to find out how can I help.

But good news have been coming daily. My son is talking more and more, he is scripting from TV but as we turn off the TV 9 days ago and has just turned on for 30 minutes last Saturday  he has been cutting the scripting of his favorite TV show : ” peppa Pig”

He still calls me “MUMMY” – add UK accent- but I love how it sounds So i have no problem with that :).

He now Knows that if he adds “I WANT” before whatever he needs we listen and he obtains. So now his favorite phrases are : ” I want Ipod” ” I want leche” – milk- ” I want cookie” :).  And he just added the : ” Me pasas?” ( can you give me?). to the phrase. Mixing Spanish and English.

He started his terrible 2’s stage but amazingly he is smarter than his sister to calm himself down. She takes ages to calm herself down when she enters the meltdown cycle. – that is how we call it, when she even forgets why she started the fit for and then turns in a complete different matter and at the end she doesn’t longer understand why is she crying but she needs to finish-. He calms himself faster. And he is pretty good at that if NOBODY intervenes.

He is growing, he is growing so fast is good but it hurts, because I can also see what he is lacking and missing. And Where we are not doing improvements. I also can see his personality is more quiet and serious and I can’t really discern where the autism starts and where his personality ends. I think they are mixed together.

He is now comfortable playing with other kids around him, not exactly playing with them but at least he is not longer scare of been surrounded by other kids playing. He covers his ears when is to noisy so now I’m teaching him to say “too noisy” or “ssshh” to his sister, if she is singing to loud for him.- he is getting the idea but big sister doesn’t help as she couldn’t care less when he does “sssh” to her and she keeps singing out loud-.

He loves 2 of his classmates at school and in fact one of them loves him back as a great friend. They look for each other and smile at each other when they arrive at the classroom. This little guy can’t talk and he just smiles at my son and comes to welcome him. My son says his name and smiles back. That is for me a HUMONGOUS step for my son and according to the other kid mom also for her son.

They are the only ones that had never miss a class so there where 4 different days during the last month they were the only ones in the classroom and this helped them to make a special link between them.

The other little guy looks for my son as at the beginning he noticed he was the other only one saying 1 or 2 words and this other little guy is a chatterbox :). So he follows my son calling his name and my son just keeps walking but at the end of the session he says good bye to him using his name.

🙂 I love his school. I do highly recommend it to any mom in the area that needs a special school for her kid. No matter if is autism , or premiee, or anything, I can’t imagine a better place for them. They are so awesome. I love them.They had made me see there is a lot of good people in the world. In fact, since I started this trip in the autism world… I have seen more love in the world than ever.



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