Thanks I have to say, because we are fine, we are alive, we are in the correct place to receive the help my son needs. Thanks because we have food on our table, because no matter how difficult things sometimes go in the economic sense we still have food on our table. My kids have clothes.

Thanks because I don’t and won’t forget where I come from, because I have been working to share that with my kids, because I remember when my parents kill themselves working and taking care of me and my siblings and give us a happy home no matter how bad things were in our family economy.


Thanks because I learn from them to appreaciate every single thing in my life no matter how awful looks for others sometimes. It is just great, it is Just what it is! and it is my life, my family life, OUR LIFE>

Thanks because along my road to this moment of my life I learn in theory and in practice that I can’t cry about things I can’t control. I can just work in what I CAN CONTROL and that has helped more than anything in the way we as family has accepted autism and our current lives.

Thanks because no matter how hard is sometimes been more than thousand miles away from any single member of our family  we are always really near by, enough to call each other and cry or enjoy each others lives.

Thanks because in the last years no one has died. No one has parted for a different life, no one has suffered to much that couldn’t survive in my whole family.

Thanks because I know sometime that will happen, because we are not eternal, but As I know I can’t control that I just enjoy the time I can have with each one of them, near or far.

Thanks because no matter how weird, or difficult the road seems to be, at the end it always has a reason to be that challenging. And is always a great one.

Thanks because now I have the age and the brains to understand that and not give up just because the scenery looks worst than an horror movie. It can be even fun sometimes.

Thanks because the Autism in my boy. is just barely part of the Person he is, It is not so profound in the spectrum. It challanges him and makes things difficult to him but he won’t give up. HE doesn’t know how to give up!.

Thanks because that is how I was raised. I never knew what “I can’t” meant until I hit teenager years. That means for 13 years I never said I can’t and I never thought I couldn’t, and that make me believe, even when I said it after 13 years, that I always COULD.

Thanks because apparently that characteristic was inherited by the one that needs it the most. My son.

Thnaks for my husband who is a fighter. He has to if he has a wife like me.

Thanks for my daughter who is just like her father, a fighter with her mother temper. That will give her troubles but will also help her to jump and fight challanges. That also has made of her the amazing sister-teacher she is to her little brother, thanks for her amazing big heart.

Thanks for my son. Who opened a whole new different world for all of us. Who Show us how dang wrong we were in so many things and how beautiful is to look the world from this new perspective.For his amazing little eyes and bad temper, for his lovely way to say “A love U” when we less expect him to express himself, and his way to show you this time he is not just repeating a phrase he learn, he is meaning it with a big hug and a “slimy” kiss.

Thanks for my life. Because is so imperfectly perfect. Thanks.

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