If I count how many times I had hide in the bathroom to cry since March I can say to many to count. But I I look at october I can count just one. Just one.

Things are getting better, we are understanding and accepting the routines that we follow to have 14 hours therapies and 6 hours of school per week with my son and 15 hours of school withy daughter.

Still is just the 1st week of November and I’m crying in the bathroom.

I was watching a video of a kid with autism playing basketball and dpi more than 20 points in the last minutes of the game when they let him play. Everybody celebrates him and he is happy, but I couldn’t stop wondering why do thy wait so long to let him

He has been the helper of the team for ages. Bringing water helping toy rain them. But never played. Until the trainer decided ok let him feel the uniform and the a kind of “wtf” moment ” let him also feel the court” and he showed them
He is awesome.

Why do they waited so long? He couldn’t have been awesome at the game just because he felt it that day. Basketball requires practice. So he has been awesome for ages. Why do they wait?

Because he didn’t express his feelings? That he wanted to play? And while I’m wondering and crying thinking that that might happen to my son, that he might want something and never express it I heard him saying : ” Stop, MY turn!” to my daughter and I couldn’t avoid to star crying….

So I’m
Hiding in the bathroom crying ….

Basketball is awesome

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