My not anymore “No Verbal” Son is speaking. We still have a looong way to go for him to have a conversation bue HEY! He is 2.3 years old! Wasn’t expecting a conversation from
Him yet. Although some peers do it already, I have to say.

He is saying names. And pretty clearly. He says his name and recognize people is speaking to him, this sounds dumb to some but for us IS HUGE!.

He is fighting with his sister, – how come a mom could be excited about this?, well I Am- because fighting with her means several things. He is standing for himself, he is trying to get her attention so she handles him a toy or mine so I stop her to take it from
Him and as I do not go Imediately the. He fights his way. He is USING words like “mine” “me turn” ” great lion grrr mine” – as if he was doing scary noises to her- “go go go mooomiiiiii” and “no no no – sister’s name here-”

He is complementing all te phrases of his favorite book with the correct pronunciation of the words, often, run, fun, sun, moonlight, minutes, new, you.

He is adopting my husband Spanish expressions : “esooo”.

He says good morning and good night, let’s go, sleep, hungry, mad, agua, food, backpack , cool (for school), hello, hola, bye

He counts 1 to 10 when he is about to melt down and calms himself and then counts to 20.

He recognize most of the vocabulary letters and most of the numbers 1 to 20 (16 and 18 have him confused). He says clearly every letter and number.

My little guy says right now more
Words of the ones his big sister used when she was 2.3. She had a smaller vocabulary but assembled sentences whit the few she had. She is a chatterbox now. So, what the future says? No idea.

But all this therapies, school and Mommy, sister an daddy work seems to be having results and we are so happy 🙂

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2 Responses to Vocabulary

  1. I’m sorry it took me so long to read this. This is SUCH great news! I’m happy for you all 🙂

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