Giant Steps

We are having giant, humongous, steps. And I’m so afraid we find a stop to this pattern.

HE has been sayng so many words, even dancing and waving following the words of a song. Then singing the song with ITS WORDS not just the music.  He is interacting so much with his siter, with me, with my husband. He even tried to interact with my daughter classmates and one or 2 have the patience to play with him, a lot to ask a 4yo!.

He is reaching the milestones of his peers, like reaching the terrible’s 2 stage. that I’m not crazy about but I’m exited to see HE IS FEELING and behaving as a common 2 yo. :).

He still have a long way to go. Still doesn’t engage in a conversation and fin it difficult to go forth and back with words with somebody. But hey! the kid JUST learned to speak!. He speaks! that is HUGE!. He still have a lot of motor issues.

He might walk and is trying to run now, almost there, he is trying to jump and loves to bounce. But as for the more detailed motor moves we are at lost. 😦 Fine motor is not his top. It is probing to be so difficult for him. So now we are including more specifics about that one. I don’t expect him to write, he is 2, my 4yo still finds difficult to do so, and might have to be with the fact she can use both hands to do so and haven’t practice more with one or the other. But I won’t, and also asked the teacher not to, push her to be a righty or lefty. I’ll let her decide, she will eventually, and if not she will just haveto write with both hands whenever she feels like.

As for my little one. Far is the day when he will write. But now, right now. HE CAN SPEAK. 🙂 He said I Love You 3 days ago at night when I said good night and he has been saying those words every night since then to me adding a kiss.

He says hug, I did it, NO, YES, Bannana, Apple Pie, apple, strawberries, ball, go, ready, set, steady, counts one to 20 in English and one to 10 in Spanish, says water and agua, food, hungry, tired, papa, book, pig, tiger, lion, monkey, elephant, dora, boots, tico, isa, benny, swiper. he says “oh man!” he sings the wiggles your waggles away, he sings the whole ABC song, he says all done, no more. He says Bye, and Hi, and adios and Hola, He tries to say Hi and Bye to every single person that comes in or out of the elevator. He says Hi to everyone when he comes in the building of his school and then to every single teacher in his classroom, that is a one on one  teacher student so there are 5 teachers 5 kids, He says Hi 5 times. He says Bye to every one and started waving his hand when he waits for me at the door. While I get his backpack. That he should be getting but sometimes I forget to make him pick it up and I just do so.  He says, sadly, TELE ( TV) , and peppa pig please, he says : ” OPEN POPAVOD” ( open please – por favor- mixing English and Spanish). he says rice , he says beans. He says cereal no matter he has never ever touched it, he knows the word because his sister loves to eat cereal for breakfast.

He says so many words.  And I won’t ever forget the people that has helped us to reach this stage and keeps working for and with us.

One of them just died. He never knew the importance of his creations on my life. He might imagine, he never knew for certain. Steve Jobs. His iPod was the tool for my daughter to make contact with her little borther. His iPod was the tool for my son to avoid a meltdown at the grocery store for so long until he find, with it, how to filter, sounds and colors, lights and a lot of sensory signals until finally he starting looking around. And leave the iPod at one side. His iPod changed our world, let us learn differently. His gadgets ideas changed our lives. ANd I’m thankful for them, And now he will change more lives with the SIRI idea. with the iPhone 4S.

I do know his ipod is not the magical tool, but it is one of the tools that helped us and keeps helping. Now  my son uses so many ABA flashcards, so MANY. HE is leaning more and more vocabulary, he repeats, they catch his attention, he chooses which ones he wants to learn, he moves the gadget with his tiny fingers, His is even improving a little his fine motor skills with it.

So thanks Steve Jobs, thanks to the 6 therapists that work with us, thanks to the school principal and angel that started that program for kids with different issues and observes them so much she KNOWS aht they need and how to focus in each one, Thanks to the teacher that does one on one with my son during those lessons. And thanks to my daughter and her patience and how smart she is that ALWAYS knows HOW to make Her little brother to say something she thinks is important for him to learn. She just Taught him how to say HIS NAME, 2 days  ago. Not even the therapist couldn’t achieve that. My daughter did. And I was amaze. She used the most easiest way.

We hang a “halloween curtain” in the middle of the house, it has hangings like cheerleader puffs. She grabbed a corner and started cheering his name. HE started imitating the action and was just moving the curtain around like her, then making the syllables sounds and then, just from the noting, the following day, he grabbed the curtain and started cheering his Name. Like if it was something he used to do since forever.

So yes, I haven’t write for a while. Our life has been a little crazy between 14 hours therapies and preK , bot kids, same hours different schools. ( I need to clone myself). But it has been AWESOME , because it is working. :).

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