And the word of the day is…..



My 27 mo old, almost non verbal kid that has only used 3 or 4 words and of course 20 numbers ( because he is all about music and numbers) said : ” delicious” today. Just because he wanted.

I was in the kitchen cleaning and my husband was helping him to feed himself, we are teaching him to use the spoon and fork  and not just his hands,  and after one try of his meal he looked at my husband and said ” Delicious…. oink”  I was amazed. I know where he took the word from, we haven’t teach it to him, nor his therapists nor his school – that just recently started  and has only been there 2 days so far- no, it was from “Peppa Pig” a BBC- Nick Jr kids cartoon. and I knew because of the “oink” at the end of the word.

But he used it correctly. With out been prompted. And the TV was off so he wasn’t imitating in that moment, he was remembering and decided to use the word after he tried his meal, tasted it, said mmmm and then added the “delicious…. oink”

I’m so happy, is a long word for him! and it was so clear I understood him from the kitchen and my daughter said: ” WOOO great job – insert name- and you are right it is …” and he followed ” delicious”

She was so happy of making hm say it again and he was so happy we understood him and he answer his big sister. ( that is only 4 yo).

I’m so happy all the stress I was carring for this 1st week of new school routines just dissapeared…



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