In the spirit of 9/11.

I clearly remember that day. I was far, really far, from NYC, now I’m like 20 minutes far from there. Back then I was living in Mexico.

I went for a jog. I was unemployed. I just got my degree as an Industrial and Systems Engineer a few months ago and took a few months as vacations. I was just starting the job search so I spent my mornings jogging and reading.

I just came back from jogging when my oldest brother, I was at my parents house and he normally visited them for breakfast,  called me and say, quick come!, a plane crashed a building in NYC. He just turned the TV and was watching the news.

I went in to the kitchen with him and then I saw a plane flying near the building. I said out loud: ” oh, look,  they are repeating the scene” with out even thinking NO ONE was recording the 1st crash as it was an accident not a movie or a sports match. Then the 2nd plane crashed.  My brother and I just saw each other and stare at the TV, then heard the news man saying ” OMG another plane crashed this is an attack, US is under Attack!” his voice was half lost half scared.

I felt horrible as I remember a friend that works there. I just wanted to call his mom to ask if she knew something but it was to early. And i didn’t have her phone number. He was the first person I tought about and then all those people, hundreds of them. I sit and stare at the TV.

My mother came in and saw both of us staring at the TV in silence. She was about to ask when they repeated the 2nd crash scene. She started asking “what mo….. are those the news?” we just nodded. Yes. That is happening, that just happened.

That day was my sister’s BD party. She didn’t canceled, but didn’t really celebrated as she an her friends normally does. They were all talking about what just happened in the morning.

2 days later I got a job. In Mexico but working for a US company. 2 months later I fly to the company to check their productions lines and learn how could they be used to manufacture different materials for a costumer in Mexico. That flight was weird. I go throw all the NEW security check ups. I felt strange. I felt how people around where more anxious that in past flights.

I was reading a book. From the 2nd World War. To my bad luck, and lack of attention, the image in the front of the book was a plane explosion. People that notice it looked at me horrible, then I notice so I cover it a little.

9/11 changed so many things. When I came to live to US it was 3 years after 9/11 happened. And still people was afraid of interact with me, because I look different, because I spoke different, because i had an accent because people was still afraid. Things had changed, people now does interact more, at least with me, but I’m not sure if it is because I blended in or because the anxiety has calm down.

I had met so many valuable people in all these years. Some of them lost family during 9/11 some during other ocasions that where less remarkable for the rest of the world. But still important for all of them. I remember 9/11 now not for the destruction and the pain, but for the honor of those that lost their lives, for the respect they deserve and their families. It is horrible to see how people makes money with 9/11 shirts and merchandise, when it is a date to respect and remember that horrible things happen. And we are so little n this world we have to make our lives count and live them through with all the love we have to give.

Hugs to all.

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