Toddler Bed

I decides to move my son to a rodelas Bed. A few months ago, Like 5 or so, i did it and was a big Mess. He kept walking out of his bedroom every 2 minutes and sister kept screaming and shouting “mom he is out of the bed again” every time.

After 30 minutes and 64 times of bringing him back to his bed I resigned and moved him to the crib again.

This time a friend lend me a safety gate. I placed it outside of my kids bedroom. They can go through their door and the there is the gate. I felt a little bad like of I was putting them in jail. So I moved a rail from my son’s crib and leave it open, put both of the
To sleep, read a book, said good night and left the room with the twilight Tortola showing stars in the ceiling.
I close the gate.

They stayed playing like an hour or so. If things where normal in this house I would have walked to their room and send them to bed and stop the playing. But you know, as my son autism influence how much he plays with his sister and that doesn’t happen often I let that happen.

They played since 7:45 pm until 9! That my daughter, oldest sister and only sister he has, fall sleep. The. I heard him singing for around 20 minutes and then silence.

When I walked to see where he fell sleep I saw him in the floor. Between the door and the gate laying like as if he was drunk.

Felt bad 😦 but no idea how else to teach him he has to sleep in a toddler bed now.

Why the pressure?

We live in a small apartment. My kids share the room. My oldest is still in a toddler bed but she is Tall, not logger a toddler and growing fast. Since the beginning, before my son was born but was in my belly, the plan was bunk bed by the time he reached 18 months and she almost 4.

He is 27 months now. She is 4 yo already. She almost doesn’t fit In that bed and there is no way to fit a normal bed and a crib there. So bunk bed has to be and for that one he has to learn to sleep in a bed. And as I know it will take loong time for him to get the idea.. We started yesterday.

Bunk bed will come
Before my daughter reaches 5 .. So we have almost 1 year to get the idea…

Wish us luck!

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