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And the word of the day is…..

DELICIOUS.   My 27 mo old, almost non verbal kid that has only used 3 or 4 words and of course 20 numbers ( because he is all about music and numbers) said : ” delicious” today. Just because he … Continue reading

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Dear Friend – again

Dear Friend, please don’t take it personal. Although it might be. My Ugly face, or sarcasm face wasn’t against you it was just to much you know. I love your kid a lot. Not as much as I love my … Continue reading

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In the spirit of 9/11. I clearly remember that day. I was far, really far, from NYC, now I’m like 20 minutes far from there. Back then I was living in Mexico. I went for a jog. I was unemployed. … Continue reading

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Toddler Bed

I decides to move my son to a rodelas Bed. A few months ago, Like 5 or so, i did it and was a big Mess. He kept walking out of his bedroom every 2 minutes and sister kept screaming … Continue reading

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