Life gets busy

I have been wanting to write but every time I start I have to stop for something or I remember I have to do something.

We celebrate my husband birthday this weekend. I promise my daughter, whose birthday is also this month, that i will bake her a cake with a kitty face. So i told my husband his cake was going to be the experimental area for my decorative skills.

I was not going to bake him a “hello kitty” cake but I needed to practice my skills with the decoration bags and the color combinations and to calculate the icing I will need for my daughters cake.

OMG! Took me a whole day to finish his cake! Not because the cake but the kids!

I don’t have idea what is wrong with the lately but both of them are crankier as ever. They are not happy with ANYTHING and it is just getting to the point I’m just plain ignoring them for their own sake.

Oldest acts as she hears just half of the instructions. For example:
– Me:” please leave the convertor in the bed do not touch it I just cleaned it and it is a little humid, don’t want it to get wet again”
What she did? She took the convertor , throw it in the floor and started playing with water buckets all over it! What the??? Was my reaction, to your bedroom lady.

Little kiddo just doesn’t want to sleep. He is tired as hell but fights his nap as a champion. Then at night he just doesn’t want to sleep and big sister helps him playing. By 9 pm I’m just tired of hearing, shouting, trying so I just leave the
. And they wake up so early they are tired and cranky once again the following day.

You know what kids? I’m tired too! It is not easy to achieve having you distracted, entertained and Learning the whole day, feed you, love you, hug you, bath you. Been the main support for you during therapies. Hearing the therapist or coordinator to learn what I have to do as follow up while trying to separate you as you had probably started fighting for a toy.

Really? 1 week of crankiness? Even the positive me couldn’t handle that! I’m just tired! So damn tired, I’m plain ignoring both of you screaming my name from your bedroom. Trying to escape night time.

Sorry kiddos I’m just tired

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2 Responses to Life gets busy

  1. I am so sorry that this is such a rough time. It is a roller coaster ride. Just know that you are not alone on the ride. You have a whole group of mama right there with you. Hugs!!!

    • Sabrina says:

      Thanks,. Right now to be honest is the oldest that is on my nerves. :). Hehehe. But well every day is an adventure 🙂

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