Budget and diagnostics

I think all the parents that have the opportunity to learn from a son/daughter with a different condition have talk, or feel pain, with this topic. Money.

How horrible is to feel one is not going to be able to pay for something one knows Will HELP a son/daughter. Is just horrible.

Well, I’m not from US, but for any reason I find myself living here. I came to this country 5 years ago. Serendipity, I guess. I came with my husband, as for his job. We had the decision between Sao Paolo  or US. I was offered a pretty good position in Brazil a few weeks before my husband was offered a position in US. So we had to decide between 2 countries. At the end we choose US. -different things pointed to US  and we decide to try-.

So I quit my job and we moved. I know now There was not just chance what send us here. Luckily the city were we live has an early intervention program. A really good one that sets the price according to the family economy. That means they won’t send us to bankruptcy while trying to help our child to achieve the best possibilities and goals.

Before entering this program I researched so much. And I was so scare of the amounts of money. Not because I wouldn’t want to pay them, My kid is more important, but because I just couldn’t afford them!. I was so scare of not been able to afford something that will be basic for my kid development. So far we had been able to. But not with out cutting a lot of things.A lot.

By “chance” again. I was sent to a preschool by several people from different places of my life. People that don’t even know each other and some are not even living near by. They were so interested in me and my kid they researched for me and found a great program and told me I needed to go and watch. So we went.

I went last Friday, with both my kids, to observe and talk about a program that helps kids with special/different needs between 2 and 3 years to learn how to socialize and manage their anxieties in order to survive and be able to defend themselves at school. ( yes I used the word defense as they need to learn to say no and stand for themselves at school and no one will deny that). I saw my kid behave, in that classroom as a complete different kid. In mater of minutes he was saying NO when someone was trying to take something from him. He has never said NO before. So just that plain part was amazing for me. I saw him try and try and try to climb a slide, and at the end he manage to climb it and to my amaze he started screaming from the top ” hello, hola, hello , hola” so other kids and teachers looked at him. My kid!, My kid that hides from people, that tries not to get attention. My kid!.

So of course I wanted to enrolled immediately. But I needed to do the most honest and cruel question in this kind of matters we get involved in. ” How much”. As much as I hate it. I have to speak about money. Because at the end. I have to calculate how big the hit will be for the whole family.

We are all up to accept changes and cut off for him. – to be honest haven’ ask my daughter but she still doesn’t really get the value of money, she is getting it, but not yet, she is to young right now, so she just have to accept what mom and dad says- . But we still have to ask how much.

I was amaze of the friendliness of the principal, the person on charge of the programm.

” If you are here, is because your kid needs us. I was watching him , WE CAN HELP, and we won’t lose him because of a money matter. So, the limit is this $$$$ but you decide how much you can help the program with”

I think it took half hour for me to close my mouth as it drop open when I heard this. Seriously?, .. I mean.. really?. I have this chance?.  My kid has this opportunity?.

I’m just amaze of . Well everything!. People is just pulling to help my kid. People is reacting, helping, researching.

And I ask myself, OMG this is great, but how many people just doesn’t have this chance?.

We will try to reach the main amount as it is a great program, an amazing program, and more kids will need it .. we will try to pay as near of the amount we can, although honestly won’t reach the total, just can’t.

I just love the fact People give themselves to help. I did this in the past so many times, haven’t volunteer or help that much in the present, but surely will do it back as soon as I have the time. As soon as therapies are drop off, as soon as I have 5 minutes spare time.

I know how difficult is to really have a budget when your kid needs so many things. More than the “average” kid. Is overwhelming and a nightmare for all parents not to be able to afford something that will make the difference in our kids lives….

So when someone gives their time and money to make this kind of situations possible. I just find myself crying in appreciation.

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