And the word of the day is “FIVE”

We spend the whole morning  – exagerating, we were there 2 hours- at a children museum. We are members since we arrive to this city. But I have been avoiding it when I’m alone with both kids.

The museum has several areas, with different topics. My daughter LOVES the water area, My son couldn’t care less about it. My son Loves the Toddler terrain. My daughter got a little bored after a while there. – But she is such a nice older sister she stays there and find something to distract with-. To add to the issue on the toddler terrain, she is already OVER the allowed age inside it. The museum staff let me bring her in as she is the sister of a toddler. But some Moms look at her as if she were from an outside world or something. She couldn’t care less but I do care a little and found that to a little annoying.

So as you can imagine, going to that museum is a marathon for me, If I’m not trying to follow one I’m carrying the same one. The good part so far is My oldest daughter now does get it. She understand now we have to stay a moment in one are a and then she can pick another and then we go again to her brother’s favorite area and so on. But the little one just doesn’t get it yet, and dunno if he will someday, honestly, so is a tantrum ( not meltdown just tantrum) every single time we are in the water area or any area he just wants to leave, just because.

I think the problem started when I went alone with him to that museum as he was able to walk around at his will with out me been even trying to direct him. So now he thinks,” Hey I did it before why can’t I do it now?”

While we were there I started a counting. I have been doing this for him when he is about to misbehave or he is going to start a tantrum- if it is a meltdown I just wait for him to finish and then I hug him , those ones are different but almost never happen as he stems on time-  so I start ” one, two three” and normally 3 is the final one. But my daughter said “4” several times and then he said “ive” , first I didn’t understood , silly me. Until this afternoon.

My daughters favorite show in the whole world now, is Peppa Pig. She just laughs so loud with that show. I just don’t get it!. Well, Daddy Pig hang a Football ( soccer) T-Shirt to dry, the Shirt had a big 5 in the back. No one mentioned the number. And then my Son, who doesn’t want to speak at all, looked at me ( yes looked directly to my eyes) and said ” IVEEEEE”  :O then I got it. He has been saying FIVE the whole day!.  And more, he Recognize the number.

I think I will be smiling the whole day :).

Plus I’m so damn tired after the 2 hours at the museum, no matter how much I had been at the gym , that going out to the museum was more exercise than 1 hour of Zumba, Turbo Kick or 3.5 kms!.  We might as well watch DVR shows of Peppa pig. 🙂

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