Dear Friend

Dear Friend, are you there?. I know when I got the diagnosis on my little boy I took my space. I tried to avoid some people and you got int he middle of my mess. I’m sorry.

You know, sometimes is really difficult to accept a diagnosis like that. It is not a negative thing, it is a reality. And it makes it hard to watch Neuro-typical children around, the same age but with the “correct” order of milestones reached. It is not your fault. It is not mine. It is just reality.

I love to know when your kid reached a new stage. I love him/her a lot. They are my friends kids and I love them too!. But sometimes is a big challenge for me to celebrate with you, when I look to my boy and see how far he is from reaching that stage. It is not your fault, it is reality. My reality. I’m sorry for sometimes not be so cheerful in my answers.

Dear friend, I know you walk away a little when you knew about my boy diagnosis. I do not take it in the wrong side. I know it is a difficult thing to process. It was for me, why wouldn’t be for you. I know you don’t know what to say, or how to react.  I didn’t at the beginning either. I even didn’t know how to take some comments that where made at me with the best intentions but wrongly expressed. I know you don’t want to hurt me, nor my child, but you just doesn’t know how to react. Don’t worry. I’m here. I’m not the same, for sure, I’m better. I understand. I’m more sensible. And I’m Still Your friend.

Life comes and hits. It is always something. We all have or challenges at life and this is mine. I know you are there, don’t worry. I know I can call you and cry, I know you will do your best to understand. Don’t be afraid of coming back. I’m not angry with you at all. I understand.  And I won’t be afraid of coming back to your side and ask for a hug when I need it.

But most of all. Dear Friend, that one that stay all the time. That one that face me with reality and challenged me to be better and stronger. That one that read and researched with me. My Brother. You are so far away in distance but always near my heart as all my siblings. But you, You wrote me daily, You read about autism, you talk with doctors, experts, parents, you were there every single second I needed you. Thank You. Thank YOU! Couldn’t have reached this stage of acceptance, with out you.


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