Ok I know. It is not so difficult to close a door right?,

Well. In the building where we live there is this door, a “back exit” door that takes you to the common area directly. My neighbors, who I like some and dislike others – Not a golden coin myself-  looove to leave that damn door open.

What is the problem? you might say, or they, maybe you won’t knowing my son is autistic.

Well, apparently one of our tantrum triggers are OPEN DOORS. see. When the little guy is outside, he is calm, he is quiet, he walks around and wanders. He sometimes share a laugh with his big sister and loves to watch bubbles fly.  But if you come out and leave  the door “almost closed” he will walk and try to close it. and won’t stop trying until is closed.

And every time he closes it, someone goes and open it.  The funny part. Is a safety door so it shouldn’t be open, It should remain close. But my lasy neighbors Hate to walk down stairs ( 4 steps) to the garden and go throw the main door to go inside the building. They rater run to the nearest door.  and as it is a safety door it doesn’t have a lock, so if someone closes it, that is it. The result is, they leave it open and palce something to avoid someone, normally my little guy, to close it.

This situation makes impossible for me to stay calm outside, because while my older joins the other kids and runs away I have to stay near the little guy avoiding him to see the damn open door. And if I close it, some one will go an open it, watching me as If I should say sorry. NO, I’M NOT SORRY. That door MUST be close by law! ( fire fighters anybody?) So why should I be sorry?.

I get when someone comes out with a stroller, or a wheel chair, I Know it is the only way to make this possible, I did it when the little man was months old. But Common, really?, 12 yo? can yo walk a little further and open the “official” entrance door?


Shut that damn door!. It is not something difficult.

You leave it open and there we go, a tantrum, an explosion. From the most calm and quiet kid in the building comes the most horrible sound and screaming, and shouting and crying. All those sounds that he wasn’t making during the day come out but all at the same time in no single order.. and I get crazy.

Please, pretty please please, Shut the damn door.


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