A bit of a different life

Yesterday I had an example of what would my life be with out ton of therapy hours. And I loved it. But I knew that wasn’t my reality.

The kids and I danced while I was cleaning the house in no rush ( as no therapies were happening in the morning). We sang and dance while I charge the washer and dryer and while I cook both of them where dancing and singing with me. I read books to both of them while the meal was ready. We didn’t went out as I took the “free day” to do all the house chores I had jumped for months.

After lunch, calm quiet and relaxed lunch, little one napped and older one played memory with me. Then she sat with her dolls to play “tea party” as she says while she munches all the cookies I give her for the “invites” to the tea party.

When the little one woke up we left and we went for a walk around and then to look for some stuff for older sister bd party, that is a month away but I like to start buying stuff before so I don’t feel the party to  expensive … ( I won’t add every single dollar I paid in the pas I will just loo at the last figure..plus I try to pay in cash as most as possible  so I don’t see the debt in the credit card later..).

Little one was so relaxed he didn’t react to strongly to the party city enviroment ( light and colores everywhere) and when he was getting anxious  I gave him the ipod to play Old mc Donald and Itzy Bitzy on it. He was happily singing.

We came back and had a relaxed afternoon. Dad came back from work and I went to the gym. I came back and both kids were calm and playing by themselves in their own worlds.

to many people this will sound like a boring day. For me it was heaven.

After weeks fo 2 kids sick, not at the same time, of Coxsackievirus, and months of rushing to be able to be ready for therapies ( clean room and un-busy mommy so mommy can help the therapist or distract older sister who’s not old enough to understand every time she is not the center of attention).

My case, as many cases in the world, is a bunch of hours of thereapies in not a really great order. With 6 different therapist. Getting an autistic boy ready and set and calm and ion the best mood possible to get the most of every single therapy before 8 am ( when the 1st therapy starts). It is not simple. Because while it is difficult to manage the little one to be in the best mood ever, is even more difficult to manage a “little example of future teenager mood” of 3 yo girl I have. And have them fed, clean, dress and the house “first look clean”, – because if someone pays more attention is not really clean, common I really don’t have the time!, and when I have it I take it for me, as the only minute-second I have to rest between therapies and chores- .

It is not an easy world but I love it. Yesterday I had an example of a different one and I loved it to. But as much as I loved it. I knew at the end of the day. I missed 3 hours of therapy that could have made a difference …


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