My Autistic view by Rhonda Williams.

My Autistic View


I do see you

Please see me too

First consider

My autistic view


I’m already here

Just wait on me

It takes some time

Not yours! But mine


Sometimes my eyes

They seem to stray

I do see you

I need you to stay


Like a video

That’s moves too quick

If you stay still

My eyes will fix


Although my world

Is new to you

I am inside

Please follow through


It will take time

The way I grow

If you stay strong

To you I’ll show


The secret you need;

You ARE the key

Within my eyes

You will find me


Expecting too little

Expecting too much

Just don’t give up

You can reach us


It frustrates you

It angers me

But one right move

Will set me free


One small touch

Or simple sound

Could be the ticket

That turns me around




Copyright © rhonda williams2010

all rights reserved


Found it, loved it, and want to share it with everyone I can.

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