Literal Thinking

I just found this post:

Literal Thinking through this other post: “On Literal thinking

I can’t deny this is something that worries me a ton. I have been always been raised in a family that uses a ton of phrases and figurative sense while talking. I will often use those at home. Like the Mexican Sayings ( similar to the Chinese ones) that use figurative speech. I also am a Sarcastic person since little, as that is the way conversation goes, and goes fast, at my family dinner table.

In fact some of my siblings and me fit in a ton of Autism descriptions but not at that one at all. The fast we get each other sarcasm just adds to the speed the conversation goes. Not even my now husband, when dating me, could get hang of the speed we were thinking in how to answer to one and other sarcasms.  None of us has been diagnosed as autistic. We are not that lucky people.

So I’m a little worried. And wondering how my son will understand the words. It is really difficult for me not to speak this way. I indeed have already troubles with my daughter who I don’t know if doesn’t get the figurative speech or if she is just young  ( 3.8 years).

This is something that really gets on my mind. And that is way lately I pay a lot of attention to the way I say things. And how someone taking my words literal will react. And OMG I can go from a terrible person to a pretty funny one, depending of the case.

I guess I’ll have to wait. :). And I will. But every time I read something like this I just keep wondering what is going to happen. Or what is already happening in his amazing brain when I speak to him.


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