But my son/Daughter…


I know I’m going to sound negative. Last post wasn’t positive at all. And this one will be a little negative yet. But I’m so tired of that phrase : ” But my son/daughter” and not been even said by me. No.

Everytime someone that knows our case discover how many hours of therapy and how many therapist we have  has to say something , the phrases goes from : ” that is just crazy” , ” oh woow full time job there”   and the worst of the worst : ” But my son/ daughter didn’t need that much”

That one, that last one has me so tired. First of all because the people that had often said it has or “typical” kids that just needed speech therapy, or gross motor therapy, but didn’t needed both plus occupational and fine motor therapy. Or because their kids are a complete different scenario, different condition and even the same we all know: ” If you know an autistic kid , you know just 1 autistic kid” . Autism is so different and that is why is divided in several spectrum,  can’t even be divided by levels, is not as easy as that.

So I’m so tired of the “but my kid” phrase. Really?. Are you going to use it?  Are we really making “mix and match cases”  here?  That is just totally and completely wrong!

But so be it, I have to stop been negative. that is all I have been since the therapist drama hit my home and I have to let it go. And turn again my positive side of life.

So I killed my self at the gym yesterday to start. 2 hours of exercise.. Everything hurts but I feel healthier and ready for today’s therapy. HERE WE GO!.


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