Who’s interests GO First?

I’m so mad. So really MAD. I wasn’t going to comment about this but I need to clear my mind.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to one of the therapist to PLEASE let me know if My son trips or hits himself during therapy. I said this because after one of the therapies he had a bruise in his head I didn’t remember. So I imagine he hit his head during the therapy but I would have loved to be informed. I never think they were/are mistreating him or anything. I was innocently thinking about that simple bruise all kids do when they trip while trying to reach something or hit themselves as they are not looking where are they walking. My daughter is an expert in the last one, she has crashed with the wall so many times :(.

Well some of the therapist reacted as If I was accusing them of hitting my son and started quitting. Just like that with out even calling me for an explanation. One day I open the door and One of the current therapist was accompanied by a new one that I didn’t have idea who was or why she was there. So then I knew someone else was quitting and she was there to meet us and take her schedule. I was so Pissed, and overwhelmed as one simple  common petition was taken and then mixed as a mess.

I get they have to protect their selves but also I know I have the right to request them to let me know if he hits himself someway.

The thing is. I had a therapy today. The therapist didn’t want to stay inside one room as they always do and as My kid is used to already as she wanted me present. But Me be present means my 3.8 yo been around and she is used to be the center of attention, plus is in the age of Why, and keep asking why until someone answers her, no matter how busy one or who ever is and is sooooo time exhausting.  plus distracting for the little one.

My girl is smart, She knows how to turn every single activity in hers and she been the center of attention, even with professional therapists and she manage to do this around 15 times during 2 hours of therapy. That means the little one loosing attention at all and just wondering around with the therapist paying more attention to my daughter. I know that was going to happen.

So I have a question. Who’s interest go first?. The therapist protecting their selves or My SON right to receive the help he Needs?

Of course I have no Doubt about the answer to both questions. My kids will always be first. And I guess I’ll have to talk long and loud with the main coordinator about this because if they keep doing this I will be so mad, uncomfortable and annoyed that this will be a hell of a year of therapies. Plus the little one will feel his mom is in bad mood and the older one will suffer my bad mood (I’m not perfect I can control my self but sometimes enough is enough and I just can’t hold myself and get loud while giving time outs).

I do not consider myself a bad mother, just a normal one, but this type of situations surely put a strength in my patience limits.

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