Black widow

Well it was a black widow, Just confirmed as the look on the bites 2 weeks after. Thanks God, and I’m not religious so I use this just an expression, my son wasn’t allergic to the “poison” and didn’t have any apparent reaction. He seemed nauseated and a little dizzy that afternoon but that was all. So I guess I won’t go to that playground to often.

People reacts different to the black widow poison and it also depends how healthy one is. I know both of my kids are healthy but Have doubts about myself and my husband. Plus no idea if a second bite could cause a worst reaction and also how would my daughter react, is something I don’t want to find out ever.

It is a little scary to know now my son was bitten by a black widow. And we didn’t even knew this until weeks later.

… is lazy day. I’m not in the mood to plan going outs and we have a playdate in the afternoon I’m looking forward to as I miss my friends a ton. We haven’t seen each other in weeks since the school was over as none of us has time, unless we are speaking abut 5 am and 10 pm ( and I go to the Gym at 5 am and 8 pm so by 10 I’m sleeping).

This week has been so weird. 2 of the therapist were about to quit as they receive a wrong message. I told one a request, as simple as this : ” If my kid trips or hits himself during the therapy I would like to know please” as they notify you in every single school one they see yorur kid tripping and heating his head/arms etc when they fall. I know kids fall, all the time, I just wanted to know.  Wasn’t expecting this therapist to tell the others something that made them think I was accusing them to mistreating my son. and then quit. I was the whole damn day at the phone apologizing. I hate to make people feel bad, more when is for something it is not truth at all. I love this 2 therapist! I trust them a ton!. I like they way to talk to me, been honest and direct. They are in fact 2 of the ones that are more “brutally honest” with me, as I like things to be said and done. So I felt so awful. and Stupid.

But the week is almost over, the drama and problem was fixed, they are both in the case again and we will work on rebuilding our trust between each other again, although I have never mistrust them but they for sure will have their doubts right now.

But this post was about the black widow and I ended venting. That is my quantity of concentration right now. It is Friday. I’m exhausted, not for the tons of exercise I have been doing ( Under stress I eat or kill myself with exercise, this last month I choose the second found it healthier)  But I’m tired because I hate drama. I hate to stress myself over things that were a misunderstood and created by whatever the brain of someone else was thinking. I don’t like to loose control of things over drama. I don’t mind to lose control of things over nature or other facts but not because a drama. And I ended this week so stressed because of that that All my muscles hurts as I have spend 2 hours daily at the gym killing myself, 5 to 6 am and 8 to 9 pm. ….

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