Updates little one

Little amazing son is progressing. I keep my mind set in observation mode as so many times he has done or said something he later forgets and never repeats again.

But lately he is happier and less frustrated as he has been able to communicate his necessities. He says “milk” “agua” -water- “food” “more” “no” “poop” “iPad”- yes he says that one and makes the difference with the other as he also says- “iPod” . He keeps singing the whole time but now hr is using some words of his favorite songs, like : “boat” and “dream” from row row, “out” from itzy bitzy, “Dora” “pack your backpack” “let’s go” “oh man” all of those from Dora’s songs. And a lot of words from kei$ha songs and the black eye peas. This last ones my mom keeps telling me he shouldn’t listen but he does say a lot of words from those and right now I just mind that e is speaking :).

He is more curious about the word. He is trying to climb more things, crushing
My nerves but I’m doing the best Not to stop him. He is trying to roll forward now 🙂 and he gets so mad with me when I do not let him do something (as walk over the table) he has an attitude tantrum when that happens.

I can say he almost reaches his peers except he is still not interested in socialize with them and I dot think he will ever. I really don’t care to
Much but he need to as the world drives itself that way lately.. Social

Big sister is growing too. She is now used to her brother therapies and knows she can’t be the center of attention. She gets bored once in a while but she doesn’t reacts with tantrums. She has been amazing.

She is still a little mom. And keeps thinking she has to correct her brother for everything. I keep telling her she is his sister she just has to love him I’m
The mom.

I don’t know what has helped the most. The diet, the therapies, his growing. But something or everything is working so we will keep working 🙂

He is at my side and says :”yeee”


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