Today I read a comment in FB that make me react so strongly. I didn’t want to be that strong in my opinion but couldn’t avoid it.

It was a friend of my husband’s, of course single, saying there should where flights designed for single people or just adults as he couldn’t stand a kid crying the whole flight. I was so mad at the comment and it is all because I had flight so much with the kids.

Both of them had behave in the past but by mere luck I have to say. My oldest cried as crazy once and I was pregnant, she was sick and I was sick, both of us had the A1NH1 virus with out knowing and started a high fever pitch in the middle of the flight, of course we both felt miserable, she cried and I just couldn’t do anything about as I was almost passing over with the fever and preggo. I guess we were a nightmare for all the people during the flight but there was nothing I could do then. And I would had appreciated a helpful hand then rather than judgmental people and ugly looks.

My point is, You never know how a kid will react. As a parent you just plan ahead and do your best but never know how the children will react to a place where anxiety can do the best or the worst of them.

Now, if you add to this equation an autistic kid that get anxious when a lot of unknown people is around and when he is inside an ” enclosed” unknown environment. Well Believe me I have to sing the whole  flight. as long as it is I’ll sing, and as noisy as it will be I’ll sing louder. Because I think is better to hear Itzy Bitzy 1 million times than a kid crying the hell out of him for 6-9 hours.

I remember when I was single. I used to hate when a child was in the seat behind me in a flight or the bus or the train, but I didn’t act on it, Instead I helped the poor parents that now don’t have to be worried just about the kid but about the unknown adults around. I helped as I could. Not annoying them, not judging them or even helping them with the carry on. As I do not had ( and still consider I do not have yet) kids skills at all.

I had heard people saying children shouldn’t be allowed in flights. How then would we travel? don’t! was the answer. Isn’t that crazy?. Plus kids pay for a full flight ticket so they have the right to “enjoy” the flight too.

I know it can be so tiresome to hear a kid cry or doing a tantrum but believe me is more to be the parent of the kid making the whole effort to help him/her.

I just can wonder what is going to happen in future flights with my boy. My girl is older, stubborn but older, and might understand she has to stay sit and people will walk around and the flight will take tons of hours. But he will be in the stage of wanting to wonder around and get anxious. When he gets anxious I had had 3 different reactions, 1 is to start a tantrum as he doesn’t know how to express his anxiety yet, the 2nd is to shut down completely what might be perfect for the other passengers but this is for me THE WORST case scenario as he completely shut down  with open eyes. He is not sleeping he is just like in catatonic states and scares the hell out of me – it has happen just 2 times and was so scary- . And the third is an inconsolable crying with him taking a fetal position over me.

And then I think about people as my husband’s friend and get annoyed. As they just have to pack their bags, carry them and take the flight, lay there for hours, read and sleep and then land and walk away.

While Me, I have to think ahead what to pack, carry a ton of toys in the carry on pack, diapers and everything needed to try to get them busy for hours. Sing for hours with out been able to drink a sip of water as both hands will be busy the whole flight ( I remember the last one I drank 6 glasses of water when both kids fall sleep and the flight attendant was impressed.. I told him that was my first water since 4 am and it was 11 pm already). And things won’t end when we land. OMG the carry one will be spilled all over or seats and I’ll have to push, pull or carry kids, then maintain them near by around customs and migration if there is the case, and then look for my bags while not losing the sight of 2 kids wanting to run around after hours been sit.

So, who deserves a first Class flight discount?. the single, non kids guy annoyed bye the kids noises, or the parents with the kids trying just to figure out how to travel with kids?.

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2 Responses to Flights

  1. I often find myself getting annoyed with children who are, I suppose, just acting like children. But I do try to take a breath and think about how the parent must feel in that situation. There is only so much they can do to “control” their child (that’s not quite the right word, but hopefully you know what I mean.) Ultimately, the child’s behavior depends on the child, including any issues that may be present but invisible to everybody else. The parent may want the child to sit still and quietly as much as the rest of us do, and is probably quite stressed out A) because I assume going anywhere with children is stressful because there are so many more things to take care of; and B) they know that others around them are giving them the evil eye and judging them for not “controlling” their child. So I do take this into consideration, and once I consider that I am not the only one involved in the situation (I think we all have that initial, instinctive reaction that it’s all about us, and it’s only our willingness to see another’s point of view that pulls us out of it), I do my best to be gentle in my thoughts and in my actions. Sometimes I’ll ask the child if he or she wants to play a game like I Spy or “how many fingers am I holding behind my back” because it will keep them occupied and give their parent(s) a break, and also because it will show that I understand that their child is just being a child, and that there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • Sabrina says:

      You are one in a million. One of those who think a little more and try to be
      More empathetic after thinking about all the points of view and situations. I wasn’t like that I changed a ton when I had my kids. I used to say I was empathetic but I was lying (not that I knew but now that I see back I was) now I dunno if i am or not but I try to considerate that there is more that what meat the eye in every situation.

      On the name of every parent traveling with kids I thank you. 🙂 really it does make a big difference a smile over an evil eye 🙂 ( and “control” is not quiet wrong hehehehe )

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