A little Sad today.

It is Father’s day and we had an awesome day. :). Kids had a blast at the beach and they enjoyed it in their different ways. This brought me some sadness. Would they ever play together?.

I mean they do, like 5 minutes some other day. But …

I know, I have to accept them as they are, but it is kind of difficult to see the sadness on my older girl eyes when she wants a mate to play with and her brother just won’t. He is not interested. And it is sad.

And turned more sad for me when a few minutes ago watching my friends pictures of their father’s days  I saw a couple of boys, one 2 days older than my girl and the other 1 day younger than my boy. Playing together baseball.  Can’t see my kids doing that ever :(. Not that they do not like baseball. My girl does, but my boy is not interested at all. Plus his motor skills are far behind so he might not even be able to throw a ball yet. :(.

I’m sad. Kind of feel I’m running out of time to help him develop his skills, I feel like I’m not doing enough. I’m NOT doing enough. 😦

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