This time is about me

So since I moved to this Country, amazing Country by the way, I haven’t been serious about exercising.

11 years ago I use to trainn and work out at least 6 hours daily during school
Days and 9 hours on summer vacations. It didnt matter the weather. I was an athlete although back them i didnt think to much about it, thought it was common as everyone in my family did the same or more time of exercise :). Then I hurt my knee and stopped and when i came back i was just doing 2 hours daily and none a formal time during summers.

Then I became an Engineer and joined the work force and abandoned exercise until I came to a company with a basketball tournament, love basketball.

I hurt my neck and back playing with the same ritm I used to play when I was trainning… Big mistake…

I stopped and then I moved to US. Didn’t know a soul here. And became
An hermitagne, then I got pregnant and when my girl was 12 months joined a group of moms so she could socialize and that group changed my life.

There I met a woman that impressed me but I met her 2years after I joined the group. She invited me to train with her while our kids play. By then my little boy joined us and wasn’t to happy about her mom running and another lady taking care of him for 5 minutes and then his mom and then the lady …
It was a mess and as much as we tried we couldnt make it work out. 4 kids 2 moms different schedules. It was a great idea in theory 😦

The I started running at night with the couch to 5K app -nice one BTW- and reached the goal of 5k even 7k and changed to 5 to 10 k and failed. Then my son topic came to our lives.

I took time off of exercising, again, and read and read and read about autism. What helped me the most was to read autistic people talking about their lifes 🙂 (like you darcy).

And we started all the process to
Help my boy to express himself and navigate this world. Took me 2 months to get used to the new schedule with one at preschool and the 11.5 hoirs of theraphy for the other while manage cooking with a new GFCf diet. And then summer so no more preschool :S .

And now Im so aware I need to stay healthy and in a great mood daily because not just my 2 kids but also my hisband need me, and if Im cranky the whole family is moody. And my overweight is a main issue for me beeing cranky. So I stopped making excuses and decided to start running again at whatever time I could find. 5 am it is, an joined a gym near home that I can walk-run to and join boot camps or zumba classes at 5 am amd 8:30 pm 🙂

This is my 4th day working out 2 hoirs per day, 5 to 6 am and 8:30 to 9:30 pm and OMG everything hurts!

But even know, just with 4 days, I can feel a change in my energy and mood 🙂

Welcome back to my life exercise. I missed you.

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4 Responses to This time is about me

  1. Hello 🙂 I found you through a comment on Rachel’s blog. I’m starting to get back into exercise after some time off as well, and it’s true – it doesn’t take long to feel its positive effects! Have you tried a spinning class? I usually avoid group exercise sessions as I prefer to do my own thing, but I tried spinning and I really like it. It’s with a group, but it doesn’t feel the same as an aerobics class to me.

    Which country are you from, by the way?

    • Sabrina says:

      I’m from Mexico. I love spinning and it also helps my knee to het stronger, I also love pilates but that one takes longer to me.
      But my gym doesn’t have spinning , it is a new gym though it might have it later 🙂 they just opened last March 🙂

      • I have never tried pilates, but I’ve heard it’s good. You could do your own spinning without a class, but it would probably be harder to keep up without someone telling you what to do. Maybe if enough people want spinning classes though, they’ll start to have them 🙂

  2. Sabrina says:

    I’ll write that down in a member recommendation next time I’m in 🙂 spinning classes 🙂

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