If I ever win the lottery

If I ever win the lottery, what would I do with all the money?.

The first thing that used to come to mind was  buy a house, not a big one, just one good enough for us to have space for each one of us. That means a 3 bedroom house with an Studio for my hubby to use as his office and that can also be used as a room for visits.

But lately what comes to mind first is to start a foundation to the comprehension of Autism. Why ? Because everyone says “cure” and can’t stand that.

I don’t think Autism needs to be “cured” I do not consider it a sickness. I considere it a part of a personality, a different way to confront life, a condition. And a pretty great one. As most people with autism can see the world from a completly different point of view that seems, as I understand – and I do not understand to much as I’m not lucky enough to be autistic- even more clear than the way we live it.

What I do think is that kids with Autism need help. But not to cure them. Help to learn how to navigate this world with out been punish for been different. Help to learn how to comunicate their feelings and necesitites. Help to survive the world we had created in every single sense.

And one of the things I dislike a ton is the lack of knowledge in people. If you mention you are autistic or that your kid is autistic to someone that has just heard the words ” autism epidemic” They sometimes think is infectious, or bad, or a really bad thing happening to someone. But they do not think farther. Because the lack of information.

More often than ever I read people crying as I was about the fact of a diagnosis. Afraid, Scared. And I do understand them. But can’t consider the situation should be like that.

I think the best way I would have to help my boy would be to start a foundation to make the typical people understand the amazement of autism. So people with Autism, as my little boy have a better enviroment to grow in. An eviroment where he won’t be attack or made less just because the uncomprehension of his condition.

So I will start buying lottery tickets, once in a while. And looking for info of how to start a foundation. Maybe one of this days I’ll find a way. :).

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