Busy Bee

We have been Busy!. Summer is almost here officialy ( by date) but it is here in weather! So we have been expending most of our free time outside. :).

I’m reading a book and that also makes me spend my PC time reading instead of writing, but reading relaxes me a ton! as same as Exercise – that I have to return to  also!-.

My son has been progressing a lot with the therapies, He has say now more than 20 words and find helpful the fact that he can say them, that means now He is making a bigger effort to speak and that just give us more help than any therapy, His effort is everything.

He is now used to see 5 different therapist coming home every day and he still cries when I open the door and they are there, but is more like a : ” kind of remember I need to cry when I see them” cry. It is in fact a little funny but of course none of us laughs about it.

He is the happiest boy around and we had his birthday party last week. That was also a reason I was far away from this blog, planning and been nervous about how he will react as I was not going to push him to be in the middle of the party. He enjoyed it a ton, and although he wasn’t the hearth of the party I could see he was happy and singning around watching the other kids play and his sister in the middle – I think she thinks the party was almost for her but anyway..-.

We went this morning to the playground and in less than 3 seconds he walks around a tree I saw his neck bleeding!. I went inmediatly thinking he scratched with a stick but NO! He has 5 small holes in the neck in 2 after 2 patterns and apparently I did arrive in time to avoid the end of the pattern as he just has 5. They look nasty and as they should hurt but he wasn’t even aware. :(.

I took them home and bathe both of them and wash their clothes with hot water and put them in the dryer, although the sun will dry them I needed them to be in a really HOT environment to kill any possible bug ..

Now I dunno what bite him :(. He is fine, has been fine for 5 hours after the bite already and napping right now, but if anyone knows what this bite is.. let me know!.


that is my little one head, please if anyone knows what could had bite him, The only pattern I had seen as those 2 small holes is a black widow spider but he is not showing any other symptom.

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