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Updates little one

Little amazing son is progressing. I keep my mind set in observation mode as so many times he has done or said something he later forgets and never repeats again. But lately he is happier and less frustrated as he … Continue reading

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Today I read a comment in FB that make me react so strongly. I didn’t want to be that strong in my opinion but couldn’t avoid it. It was a friend of my husband’s, of course single, saying there should … Continue reading

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A little Sad today.

It is Father’s day and we had an awesome day. :). Kids had a blast at the beach and they enjoyed it in their different ways. This brought me some sadness. Would they ever play together?. I mean they do, … Continue reading

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This time is about me

So since I moved to this Country, amazing Country by the way, I haven’t been serious about exercising. 11 years ago I use to trainn and work out at least 6 hours daily during school Days and 9 hours on … Continue reading

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If I ever win the lottery

If I ever win the lottery, what would I do with all the money?. The first thing that used to come to mind was  buy a house, not a big one, just one good enough for us to have space … Continue reading

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Busy Bee

We have been Busy!. Summer is almost here officialy ( by date) but it is here in weather! So we have been expending most of our free time outside. :). I’m reading a book and that also makes me spend … Continue reading

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