Gorgeous Diferences

Today we went to the Zoo. And I was impressed by my little Son. I was expecting him to react in certain form to some situations. And of course he didn’t. I still find myself thinking in the “stereotypical” way. It is hard to change that. But I’m changing. And finding a better world to watch, see , live and learn from.

When we came back and after the meltdown that my daughter, as “stereotypical” as she is, had – after a fun day of tons of attractions = meltdown. After bath time, dinner. I sit and had time to think about the day.

I don’t do this as It can be imagine while reading. Sit there just to think. I love distractions, can’t do things just by themselves, I have to have distractions around – used to assemble jig saw puzzles while hearing music and watching TV, and that was my teacher “homework therapy” to make me concentrate..lol –  I was watching a bad movie and reading e-mails and while answering an e-mail to my oldest brother I started writing things that were not the answer to what he was asking me but where my analisys of today’s activities in my life.

He was telling me about a great event in his life and I got his emotion. I heard from my mom about the same event , from the granny point of view, and also From my dad.

The 3 of them mentioned they missed us, I missed them to – I would had loved to be there but it is a little difficult right now- How My daughter would had played with my niece and How my son would had love……x and Y and Z stuff.

And then I thought..No he wouldn’t. He would had been happy  there, YES< he would had love to see them,  Probably Yes. BUt he wouldn’t enjoy the activities they mention, at least not how they would had expected him to.

That happened to me at the Zoo, and I’m his mom and I know Him and I know what he likes and dislikes and even with all that information I was expecting him to react in a certain way I knew he wouldn’t but my brain kept pushing me to think that. Weird, but true.

So, how Would my family react when, in a future visit, they try to push some activities on him and he reacts as marvelous as he does normally?.

Kids are easily to amaze, but they do not react the same to the world. Must of the “typical” kids do, and still do react different, but My son reacts in such an amazing different way. And for the same reason, animals, people, and things react different to him.

An example. We were watching some Madagascar Monkeys. My daughter was watching them jump around and laughing, watching one scratching the head of the other and pointing. My son was just watching one. One little monkey in the back. Both kids were smiling, He was analyzing the monkey. Watching his white head and black body. The monkey notice he was been watching in detail, so it walked to the front. My son kept watching him while my daughter was saying “look at that mom, look a this, look”and pointing. Then the monkey extended his hand to my son. And My son Smiled. Then he was ready to go.  He didn’t tried to reach the monkey’s hand- impossible to hold as there were a meter or so between the cage and the fence where we were standing- , nor find weird for the monkey to come and give him his hand, he just ..walk.

My daughter enjoyed the zoo, because there were animals, and ice cream, and kids to play with and a special 4D Dora and Diego show.  My son, he enjoyed the Zoo, because he was able to walk around, look the grass, see some animals and walk more and more while holding Mommy and daddy hands or by himself. He didn’t care about the people but was at the same time glad they where around. At least that is what I think I read from him and his eyes. As he still doesn’t speak. But that is what I think and I might be so wrong about this… but wanted to write it, for him, so He can in the future tell me.. OH MOM you WERE so Right/Wrong. :).

I love the fact we, all people, are different from each other But most of us have so many things in common that we stop opening our eyes a little more. I love my son made me see that. There are TONS of ways to see the world. Why just stay with the “typical” one?.

But I will still wonder…. what will happen, with other people that also love my son and is expecting him to be “typical”, would they open their eyes and see how amazing he is. Or would they feel, wrongly “bad” for him for not been so mind closed as we had become for been “typical” ?

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