Support and lack of it

I don’t know but some people just get in to my nerves. But the sad part is that some are the ones I do expect a little more support from.

I was talking in the phone with someone really important to me. And She was attacking my decision to change my son to GFCF diet. I had send her a ton of videos, research, and most of all I had told her the changes I had seen in my son and she keeps telling me :” Oh that is not the diet, that is him, he is growing that is all”.

Since the beginning I understand it is difficult for her to accept my little one is autistic. It was for me, of course it is for her. She is his Grandmother. I get she keeps her “hopes” of him not been autistic. She can live that “reality bubble” if she wants. But I can’t stand the lack of support on my decisions over my son life. I know at the end the decisions are mine But it still hurts a little to hear that type of things.

The funny thing is I  had told her about the diet and told her since the beginning and a few days ago she told me : ” I heard about – name of a person I don’t know – ‘saved’ his son from autism with a diet, you should contact her”

I was about to shout so many things.. But I stopped myself, and answer as calm as I could :

“First of all, HE doesn’t need to be saved of anything. Second, autism is not something to be cured, is a condition, is a way to be, is his personality if you want to see it that way and I won’t change that for ANYTHING. Third we had been in the diet for months already.”

Her answer was: ” But you are doing it wrong, ask her.”

:(. I felt so bad with that comment I decided to change the topic and ask about other people lives.

I love her a lot, but sometimes….

How can I explain her? No idea. It took months for me to accept I have an amazing gift at home :). An autistic little one. We are following the diet not to cure him but because we read his stomach might be bothering him and his brain might be a little doped with the gluten and casein, we did it and we are doing it because we saw he feels better, he is happier when gluten and casein are not in the mix.

We had an “accident” with a little mixed wheat flour, not even a crumb or maybe a crumb but a “masa harina” that I didn’t notice said “Produce in a facility that also produces wheat flour” I used it for a bread and  he was like sleepy for 2 days. I didn’t notice it then, I make the bread a second time and saw the package… I decided not to give it to him. And it was clear the last time that was what make him sleepy and cranky. So following the diet as strict as possible IS FOR HIS HEALTH and HAPPINESS!.

I’m a little afraid of traveling with him as for this. I will never know how safe is for him to eat whatever I haven’t cook myself. But I guess I will have to some day.

The only thing I would love to have is the support, not only of my family but the society. A lot of people just don’t understand how important is for autistic people, as ADHD and celiac not to have cross contamination in their food.  I didn’t know before….

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