Love Dora

I don’t know what is with my kids and Dora the Explorer, But both of them like that show. The oldest used to LOVE the show now she says she just likes it. I guess it is not “cool” to say she loves it anymore as she is “older” now. – I know not even 4 and with attitude I’ll be lost when she reaches her teen years- .

The reason I love Dora is not just one, there are tons of reasons but the one that brings me to write this post is the one that affects my son more.

For weird motives I started singing Dora’s show entrance song : ” tu turu turu Dora, Tu turu turu Dora, Dora dora dora the explorer! Dora!, luce super cool The exploradora!. Pack your back packs, let’s go, Jump In!, You can lead the way!!! tu tu Dora, tuturu Dora, Swiper no swiping, swiper no swiping. Oh Man!, Dora teh Explorer!”  OK I might not really know it correctly but that is what I was singing.

And to my surprise my little one started singing along with me.

He sings, he has always sang. But not with lyrics, just tunes and sounds. But this time was pretty clear he was pronunciating the following words: ” tu turu turu” ( exactly). “Dora” “Swiper” ( this one like “sssswwwwwwwwwer” ) “Cool” ” lid” (lead).

For a little man that so far has manage to express so few words and under pressure. That was AMAZING!.

So I started singing the “come on vamonos” Dora’s song And He did sing with me too!!!.

“Come on, vamonos, everybody, let’s go!, come on let’s get do it, I know that we can do it!, where are we going! ( and here they clap and to my surprise he clapped) ”

So Dora the Explorer. THANKS. Nick Jr. Thanks.


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2 Responses to Love Dora

  1. Darcy says:

    Oh how cute! And yep, lots of autistic kids definitely repeat TV and movies!

    My six year old used to say I was Swiper, three years ago. I have no idea what for, ha ha! “Mama’s Swiper.” “Why?” “‘Cause you is!” “Awwww, maaaaan!” 😀

    • Sabrina says:

      hahahaha!. My Older one used to use “Oh MAAAAAN” for a ton of things but pretty accurate used too. :). This little one does ” tststs” like Swiper does when he appears 🙂

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