Lately I’m a Grinch

Lately I had catch myself like the Grinch of some occasions. Not that I spoil them but Oh Gosh the things  I think! Thanks haven I had stopped myself before speaking.

A few days ago I went with my kids to a playground near the house. My husband was running after my high energy daughter ( have I mentioned she is High Energy?, she is!). And I was at the swings with my son. At our side there was this lady telling her 18 month old daughter to stop Pointing and The only thing I could think was : ” Be thankful she points!, she should be doing that, is the stage she is in! do not tell her not to!!!”

– One of the first things that jumped as a red flag for my pediatrician about my boy was that he wasn’t pointing at all.-

Some days ago I read a mom been so mad about the fact her Kid was been so chatty and saying to many words at the time she just couldn’t understand him. The kid is 22 months. I just tough: ” why are we never happy? if the kids are doing what they suppose to we are mad and if they don’t we are worried?!”

– My son just say a few words and he has started the last 2-3 days to say those few ones-.

Today I was in a conversation where someone was so angry about the fact her kid is to active and standing in the bath tub so she said ” I think there is something Wrong with him” I was about to implode just holding my mouth. Really? something wrong? Common!. I love this woman, I DO!, I like her a lot, but I guess it was the moment. I just had to walk away…because it was hard not to tell them : ” Just be thankful”

I have learn now, to be more patient with my almost 4 yo daughter. I was pushing her to grow so fast and there is no reason for that. I was making her so “rule follower” and crushing her creativity and I would have hated me If I continued that road with her.

My son came to open my eyes. Things do not need to be fast and strict as I was used to. As I wanted them to be. We have the whole world in front of us, they have it!. Why should we rush?.

So I’m learning a lot from him. And I’m trying to apply everything in my life so far.

One thing I now is, I Should be Thankful of those 2 little people living with me in this house, in this world. I love them so much and they both had taught me more than any University had. I’m so goof with maths and logic I needed them to open my eyes to the non logical world.


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2 Responses to Lately I’m a Grinch

  1. Darcy says:

    People are very unthankful and it angers me as well. And they don’t know what to say about lives that are not like their own, and go right back to complaining when you leave. It’s ridiculous of them.

    On a silly note, speaking of non-logic, here is a silly conversation from today!

    Sister-in-Law: “Logic! What’s that?” [sarcastically]
    Husband: “A candle to keep bugs away.” [not hearing the first part of what his sister said]
    Sister-in-Law: “Logic is a candle to keep bugs away?!” [laughing]

    I was laughing the entire time. Ha, so off-subject, but you sound like you could use some silliness!

  2. Sabrina says:

    🙂 LOL. Thank You Darcy. :). .. I might be a bug. LOL. loved logic until recently that I gave me the opportunity to stop thinking that way 🙂 …

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