I’m the proud mom of an Autistic Child

And those who had read the whole blog Know How a big step is for me to accept it.

I love my son. I love him a lot, more than I could have ever imagine one could love another person.  I love him and my daughter a lot. That is not the reason I was on denial.

There is not logical reason. Is like the resistance to change, some people take changes like an attack, some doesn’t but still find difficulties to adapt. Well everyone has a range of resistance when there is a change involved. I normally adapt Fast. but have second toughs about the “what if’s” If the change hasn’t come.

But this time. OMG. This time was so hard. Why? No idea. I was not been rational I guess. Or maybe I was been over rational.

When a problem or issue appears in my life I’m the first one in analyze it fast and react to it. Look for the solution and jump over it. I reacted that way to the news of autism. But different at the same time.

I mean I was proactive, looked for info, went to the pediatrician, therapist, acted as fast as possible to get my Son the help he needs, change his diet 4 days after the diagnosis, jumped over the situation as fast as possible. But still my mind was on denial.

I keep thinking he is not autistic. He is not. But I will do whatever I would do if he wreally was autistic.

Now I accept the fact. HE IS, HE IS AUTISTIC, and that doesn’t change a bit of how much I love him and how much we, all my family, are and will work to help him to be the best person he is meant to be. The Best of Him. :).

I’m  a Proud mom of an Autistic Child. And I love to be so.

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