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Gorgeous Diferences

Today we went to the Zoo. And I was impressed by my little Son. I was expecting him to react in certain form to some situations. And of course he didn’t. I still find myself thinking in the “stereotypical” way. … Continue reading

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My son’s BD will be soon. But we normally start the “party” and cake eating the weekends near the BD day. That means 2 weekends per each person that celebrate the BD at this house. 🙂 So we started today … Continue reading

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Support and lack of it

I don’t know but some people just get in to my nerves. But the sad part is that some are the ones I do expect a little more support from. I was talking in the phone with someone really important … Continue reading

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Love Dora

I don’t know what is with my kids and Dora the Explorer, But both of them like that show. The oldest used to LOVE the show now she says she just likes it. I guess it is not “cool” to … Continue reading

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So far we had been working a lot on My son’s language and motor skills. And every day I end exhausted. I used to see the therapies as a long time to keep my older daughter distracted in something else … Continue reading

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Lately I’m a Grinch

Lately I had catch myself like the Grinch of some occasions. Not that I spoil them but Oh Gosh the things  I think! Thanks haven I had stopped myself before speaking. A few days ago I went with my … Continue reading

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What do you wish for Mother’s Day?

That is what my husband asked me a few days ago. And I didn’t answer a thing. I just want both of my kids to be happy. That is all I want. I want to Know what my little one … Continue reading

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