What has happened in the last days.

So we started the diet almost 4 weeks ago? 3 and something I guess. The first days little Son was so upset, cranky and did tantrum after tantrum. I tough it was the “terrible 2’s” stage starting. Haven knows My daughter had a horrible horrible hellish “terrible 2’s” stage and it started when she was 18 months old ( and I was pregnant). OMG it was 2 hour tantrums 3 or 4 tantrums per day DAILY. from 18 months to 24 mo, and then just 1, but a 3 hour one no matter if at home or in public, for around other 6 months. HORRIBLE stage.

But apparently it wasn’t. After the 5th day he was the happiest kid around , only crying and “Shrieking” when he was frustrated because he couldn’t make himself clear or Even he didn’t recognize why was he upset ( tired, angry, hungry).

In the last 3 days we had seen an AWESOME change in him, he is more interactive than ever, he plays with his sister and dad. 2 days ago my daughter was playing with him but together not With him as if he was her doll  something that used to happen as he didn’t react to anything, she was chaising him and he was “running” as fast as he could and laugh like crazy when she catched him. They make a big mess at home but I played blind. I just wanted them to enjoy the fact that HE was really playing with Her.

She asked me in the past why wasn’t her brother playing with her as other kids his age did.. and she was really sad about that fact.

He says words now. :). He says Banana and brings his bib to me and walks near the fruit. He is not pointing yet, he chose to say the word first. No problem for me.  He says UP. Close, “abid” ( open in Spanish). Go, “nanos” ( let’s go in Spanish). He says Dora and brings Dora’s book to show or walks to the TV ( like asking me to play a Dora show). HE turns his face to watch me when he achives something new, like clapping or repeating a word. He never did that in the past.

Today the therapist was asking him to say “More” or do the sign for “more” he cried as Crazy as she was holding his banana from him until he said the word or do the sign and she gave him just a piece until he finish it and repeated the sign. He cried a lot and I felt awful. She asked me to do this with him every single meal.

I, honestly, couldn’t during the lunch time but decided I HAVE TO, no matter how hard that is the way to help him, so I did that during today’s dinner. And as I was expecting he decided was easier to say the word than use his hands so he said More the 3rd time we tried ( he did the sign the 1st two times and never cried!). And kept saying “mod” every single bite. 🙂

I’m impress, the diet plus the Therapies are making miracles. It has been hard so far for my daughter but she has also prove to be an awesome sister. She is just 3, she is little too. But she has been so grown up understanding the therapies are for helping her brother and that we have to eat different now. She misses the cheese so much. So I sometimes do a snack for her while her brother is sleeping and it is all about cheese. Love that little girl too. She is as awesome as her brother.

Hope somebody find this blog as useful as a ton of blogs I had read already. It helps a lot to read stories of other moms living what I’m living.

Seems like the road is starting but at least not it doesn’t look as dark as I was expecting it. 🙂 Glad we bring the flashlights I guess ;).

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7 Responses to What has happened in the last days.

  1. Darcy says:

    So glad your son is improving. I’m gluten and dairy intolerant, as well. (The new diet will improve your whole family’s health, but by all means, yes, let your daughter have those cheese snacks she misses!)


    • Sabrina says:

      we used to eat tons of mozarella here. That has changed a lot. We mix and match. My son is GFCF none of us are but we kind of downsize the G and C portions and dinner ( or lunch for us) is total GFCF as is the meal we all eat together 🙂 as a famly. Dinner’s had always been GF in this house, even before knowing what was all that about. and for Casein..well. My husband and daughter LOVE milk. I guess they are addicts. :). but that is not difficult of control and avoid CC is not as tricky as flours.

      • Darcy says:

        🙂 I see! My husband and I never liked milk or wheat, so cutting those out of our diet was easy. Our oldest daughter is addicted to milk, though, like your husband and daughter! When she was younger, she would talk about wanting to swim in milk. 🙂

        GF is very tricky with bread products and flours, but well worth it when it works!

      • Sabrina says:

        It has proven to be worth so far 🙂

    • Sabrina says:

      and thanks 🙂 We are happy he has been trying to make “contact” with us. Is amazing how his brain works and I would love to be able to see what he is thinking :).

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