Butter substitute

I cook a lot. And I used to cook more before. I love to cook and bake. I miss the baking now, as all of my recipes are filled with milk, butter and flour. And Well the 3 of them fill the caseine and gluten NO free diet and well that is not something I can do anymore.

So I had been looking for recipes and ways to cook different things. I found several recipes that contain Ghee. So I started reading about that product and apparently is really used in a ton of great cooking restaurants. And is CASEINE FREE!!. Although I still looked for one with the “casein free” notification in the label. And I also called the company to confirm.  As is a product made from cow milk I had a ton of doubts. That is why I called everytone and read a lot. Apparently it is casein free and can be used as the oil of every recipe and n some as the butter. It does taste like butter but more greasy. Is pure Fat. So yes it is greasy.

My son’s favorite breakfast has always been French toast made on butter. Obviously now I wasn’t able to make it. I find a substitute for the bread that worked great with the mix of egg and almond milk with cinnamon. But toast them in oil was disgusting. So I did them tonight with ghee.

Why? tonight? isn;t that a breakfast?  Yes it is, I cooked Lime chicken with red pepper flakes , carrots, scallions and Green pepper. And apparently I forgot I added the red papper flakes and added them twice to the recipe and it was HOT!. So not for the kids ( yummy for me though.). And I was ready to serve dinner when I taste them . So I decided to give it a try to the “french toast with ghee”.

Ghee is greasy!. And you should use Less than you think. I normally used a tsp of butter for the french toasts so I added a tsp of ghee and I should had used half or less of that tsp.

The final result was yummy and my kids loved it, although it was more greasy than what I would like to give to them. I probably won’t use it to much for that but with this test I could see I probably be able to cook some recipes I like with it. Now I just have to find the mix of flours to substitute my wheat flour use in the recipes.

So, thumbs up for the ghee so far. If anyone has a comment about it, tip, recommendation I will be happy to read it!.

BTW some one told me the GFCF diet is a Whole day job. I sincerely disagree or then I might be doing things wrong. I had found it is the same work at the kitchen that I had done before for ages if I do not try to eat as we ate before. 🙂

Welcome new recipes!

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