So we started the diet 15 days ago. The therapist had come twice during those 15 days One was to set the new therapies schedule that will start until next Friday so she didn’t work with my son. And the other was an awesome therapy where my son Cooperate as He has never done before.

If anyone ask me. Is the GFCF diet working? I will say YES. IT DOES.

Today I was telling my son : ” hug” and hugging him. The 4th time he put his hand in the middle of both of us and said, YES, said! : ” No no no” :). And walked away. A few minutes after that he came to me took my hand and said: “Mama” ( mom in Spanish), and walked away. I was almost in tears!. Is the FIRST time since he was 10 months that he says Mom to me.

He was playing with a toy and brought it to me to show me how it worked, smiling when he made the “jack in the box” come out and saying “pop!” when it popped out of the box. Something he never did with the therapist and she was trying to achieve.

I was so excited. I am so excited.  He has been doing all this things he hasn’t done before. 🙂 In just 15 days!. I dont know if is his growing and development or if it is that plus the GFCF but we will stay with the diet. FOR SURE. It is working. :).

And Friday the Ton of therapies will start, so wish us luck. We hope My daughter doesn’t find them to stressful. My son finds them fun and I find them useful. 🙂

Oh yes, he was clapping today, the whole day, several times, cheering for me and his sissy and also to his own “jokes”. 🙂 Clapping! in reaction to other people activities! That is teh main reason of the post.

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