He is imitating!!!

He is imitating!. For the common mom this is like “and?!?!” when one is talking about a 22 month old kid. Kids start imitating their parents faces younger than that. Mine didn’t

My boy didn’t imitate us at all. I have a “family face” . That means sticking my tongue out. I have pictures of me doing that in any single occasion. I barely notice I do that for the pictures and that I say HI that way to the people I trust the most. But I also do that playing with my kids. My older does that for playing to.

My son didn’t he didn’t even try it. So We started doing that face to him every time we finish belting his safety seat or closing the car door. He did it! He did the same face last week and now keeps ding it every single time I watch him throw the door after seating him in the car. HE does it! And he smiles afterwards Meaning he MEANs to do the face for me and his dad and sissy.

He is imitating sounds and trying to say some words. He is playing more and more with his sister and dad. He used only to play with me.

What has been the difference?.  THE FOOD!. I’m impress! I’m really impress. He had had just 1 therapy since we change his diet, it was yesterday, so the therapies were not the difference. The food and him growing are. And I’m impress.

Is gluten really that “”opiate” and casein? I’m so impress. He had a rough 4 days after we change his diet. Bad mood, crankiness, everything was a reason to explode and cry and scream at us. He also had diarrhea and I was thinking we were wrong but stick with the diet. Now he is happier than ever. He dances and sings more. He plays with his sister!!!.

He paid more attention to the therapist yesterday. I’m so impress. Thank You gluten and casein diet. And thanks to the “Kids Friendly ADHD and Autism Cookbook”  And to Pamela Compart, Dana Laake, , Dana Laake Dana, Jon B. Pangborn

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