Dumb things that cross my mind

It might sound dumb as they are things I shouldn’t be worried about. But I’m. And I’m know it is dumb.

Things as. ” He is never going to taste a great Chocolate Malt!”Those kind of things. Most of them about food.

You should know, to understand this, that I love food. Food for me is not a need is a gift. It is something you should enjoy everytime you are going to taste it. Eating because you need to doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.

The “student sandwich” that you used to “cook” for you while at the university : ” Bread, ham, cheese, bread” all cold and with out sense. NEVER existed in my vocabulary ( until I met my husband and he showed it to me and I was “aaagh” ). No, If I want a cheese Sandwich I will do a GOOD one. Something that takes me at least half minute more than the “student sandwich” but will taste tons of times better.

I love food. I love to cook and bake. So all I can think lately is all the desserts I won’t be able to bake for my little kiddo. And I so hate that :(. It is dumb. I know! there are worst things to be worried about. But That is all that cross my mind lately!.

How dumb can that be?!


( did I mentioned Little boy stomach bug was a virus that passed to my girl and at the end to me and I spend 3 days sick?… :s. I lost 4.5 pounds in 2.5 days… been sick. Not the best diet, horrible!)

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