And so it begins 2

After reading and researching and asking a professional about the diet. This last is important for me I would hate to try an experimental thing in my kids risking them to more damage so I needed the pediatrician opinion. Well we decided to try the casein and gluten free diet.

The pediatrician was pretty clear letting me know this diet is not a proved cure but that it has shown improvements in some kids. As I already know autism is not curable, In fact I kind of not see it like a decease. I kind of see it as a Personality difference with biological and genetic reasons. Who is “normal” this days? Is the question I keep hearing in my mind.

The diet is not a proved cure, then but has shown improvements in some. Is not a dangerous thing if one I careful with the vitamin and protein intake. And it can even be healthier if one pays attention.

Thanks to a Friend that started this process a month ago I now have a list of recommendations that she also receive from a friend to avoid the trial and toss of different gluten free products.

I also, checking my own kitchen, found out we are kind of an “almost” gluten free family. I decide that to start before been Overwhelmed I needed to find things to substitute my kid favorites:

– bread ( the most important and difficult one)
– pasta
– milk
– cheese ( update: trying the rice Veggie, mozarella gluten free.. doesn’t taste great but does the trick)

I had a tapioca bread recommendation for the first we just bought it and will try it later today. I also found an amazing web page named : ” gluten free cooking school” ( will add here the link later) that has a mix of gluten free flours that will work for a bread, pancakes and biscuits (all I needed !!) so I will have to try those recipes too.

My friend recommended a brand of gluten free pasta that doesn’t taste bad. I bought it too today and will try during the week if it is good I let you know the name.

Cheese is difficult. I bought tofu to try it. But I’m looking for the artificial version of the Monterrey Jack. I know it does exist but haven’t found it.

Milk well let’s see what he likes. Rice or almond milk. Those are his options.

I found a lot of resources for gluten free diets. Apparently is a more common allergy. For casein I haven’t . Just a few no that much.

Love to cook so I ordered a cookbook special for kids in this type of diets. We’ll see.

After watching the amount $$$$ in the store for those gluten free products I’ll learn to mix flours and do most by myself for sure. I just have 2 kids and a Hubby and one is growing and learning to help in home. She will also go to 5 days school next year so I do have
Time to cook. My son’s therapies have a break for his nap, as he has to be
Well rested. So I can use those hours to cook. (was planning to jog to let’s see if I can cook at night).

It promise to be a hard year.

Btw little son is sick with a
Stomach bug. We went to the pediatrician and got a different one to see us today. She was.. Well she didn’t believe the chart showed my boy as
An autistic boy. I dunno if that helps my mood or my denial…..

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2 Responses to And so it begins 2

  1. Good luck switching to a gluten/casein free diet! I eat gluten/casein free too.

    If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend Udi’s bread. It is delicious, and tastes like normal bread! I use it to make sandwiches and toast all the time.

    -Katie =)

    • Sabrina says:

      Thanks!! Bread is one of the main foods eaten in this house and the one that has proven to be more evasive to find in this new diet so far.

      I’ll look for it. 🙂 thanks!

      Do you happen to know a margarine casein free?

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