And So it Begins

And so it begins. The research, the obsessive reading ( from me) about different topics and tryouts, etc. So far I had not found any “medical” accepted evidence of changing the diet. But I had found people, near to me, that had tried it in their kids and had changes as a result. Like more eye contact, and communication skills.

What diet?. There is a Casein and Gluten free diet that, according to a lot of people but not experts, had changed the behavior on the autistic kids. I called my pediatrician to talk about this diet. He says, as all the therapist I spoke with today the whole morning, it is not proven but he also said: ” well you can always try it out for a few weeks and see what happens. This is one of those optional things that won’t damage the health of the kid, I had heard and seen things that I’ll probably told you NOT to try, this is not one of those”. – made me wonder what horrible things he had seen-.

So I read a lot. Thanks to my brain I’m a fast reader and with an excellent memory for numbers. So I got ideas, recipes and costs during the reading. Enough to get scared and almost ready. To play in the safe place I ordered a book from Amazon that is full of “kid’s friendly casein an gluten free meals”

My son favorite meals are : Bread, Milk, Cheese and Pasta. The 4 of them contains or gluten or casein or both. So I have to look for specific “great awesome flavor” meals to cover those 4. If any of you know some I’ll be happy to know!.


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