Maybe I’m just…

In denial. I don’t know but I’m enjoying it. So far my little one has manage to catch the heart of most of my Family. He interacted with a boy almost his age, finally. He looks to the eyes of most of my family, except his great granny who tried to carry him the 1st time she saw him and almost fall in the process ( she is almost 95) So she scared him so much now he ignores her and turns his head far from her the moment he sees her nearby.

He is so excited with one word, I’m not but he and his sister loves the sound of it in Spanish “Popo” ( poop). so he says it every single time he thinks it fits as a joke and his sister laughs hysterical to it so he repeats.

He is also saying more words, like Grandpa ( the catalan short and easier version – avi-) and grandma ( also the catalan easier version – yaya- ).

He is waving his hand to say Hi, something almost all 10 month kids do but he wasn’t using his hands for anything. And started waving here.

He is repeating sounds. “MUA” – like a kiss- and trying to make the sound of punching bubbles with his mouth.

He love to walk and now he doesn’t get scared with to many people around him, only when his great granny is around he screams, he just can’t be near by.

He loves his great granpa though… but is a different one, not the “scary” granny hubby but the other one. :). His sister likes the great granma’s and granpa but doesn’t go and kiss them to say hi because “they feel weird” according to her. Probably the wrinkles and ond skin :). Kids are honest that way.

He, is awesome. His sister is too. and I’m .. I’m in denial. I know.. The therapist is not here but I like to live this denial right now… am I wrong?

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