Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t really know and I’m tryng not to have to many hopes.

We are in the middle of a trip I had to do, so little boy and big girl have to come with me. Of Course.

That means Little boy had lost 2 therapies already. Not so much fun about that. But he has been, according to me, making some advances.

He stayed for 2 days, just with his sister and my motherĀ  and not me or his dad, in a city different than me. As I had to do some job stuff and bringing both of them was going to be so stressful for them. – I think I slept 1 hour in 48 hours- no to mention impossible. And he make himself easy to understand to them. He said “agua” ( funny as I have 3 months trying to make him say “water” but he choose to speak Spanish first, maybe that is why he doesn’t want to speak, he wants to speak Spanish…. or french ). My Mother and Sister speak Spanish. And for those 2 days he spoke Spanish too.

He started waving his hand to say “hello” Although just with the people he like. And today he interacted a lot with another boy 7 months younger than him but so active!. This little fellow followed my little one everywhere for 2 hours. We were at a lunch party in a garden and my little one walked a lot, this little fellow walked behind him the whole time.

We started using the slide, and the little fellow was there too, I helped him up and down as I helped my little one. And when my little one decided to go somewhere else the little new friend cried. So my little one came back, and ride the slide again cheer for him as much as he cheered for himself. It was funny and exciting at the same time.

The little fellow mom didn’t notice how excited I was about this. I guess for her is common her son interacts and plays with other kids, for me all this was new. Brand new, tear in the eyes new.

Maybe … just maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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