I have a trip that I HAVE to do. I do not want to, although I have so many friends to see and visit and that I miss I really don’t want to make that trip.

Why?. Well, for a start my son will loose around 20 therapies. That is not good at all. 2nd. He hates to be confronted with new set ups, places, people, etc. And I’m about to introduce him to a family that is and behaves like the family at the “Big Fat Greek Wedding” Movie. Yes. Every day seems to be a reunion with more than 10 people around. Everyone is noisy and loud. And my son gets fast overwhelmed with situations like those ones.

To add more things to his future stress. Everyone wants to meet him. No one there knows what we are going throw. And I don’t want to extend in explanations of  what autism is, and why they shouldn’t treat him different, or he is not contagious ( yes I know is obvious but some people are just plain ignorant about this) and how he is just in the middle of the diagnosis and he might or might not be autistic.  I really don’t want to start explanations. And that is why I know some people will start asking me, Why is he not pointing? and telling me he should be saying more word by now, etc.

My daughter was also a late talker, and now she can’t stop speaking, but when we had a trip  with family there wasn’t a day with some one commenting about her NOT speaking so I’m waiting for the ton of comments about my son not doing a ton of things “he should” be doing by now.

I’m afraid of that trip, for the pressure that will be over him in situations he is not used. My daughter. I’m not worried about her. She is just so social and adaptable she is not going to have any trouble about it. But my son, with all this things going on. I’m afraid is going to be a pretty awful trip, but well. Let’s see what happens. Maybe it helps Him, right?

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