Birthday Party

Today we went to a Birthday Party. The invite was for my older child. But the mom extended the invite for my little boy too. So we went.

It is the second time he reacts like crazy to loud music and crowded places. I wonder if is normal for a child his age. But there where 5 kids the same age or 1 month younger than him playing happily around.

The moment the music started been loud and we were moved to the party salon – we were first in a more open area playing around- he started crying hell crazy. Like when he is really scare of something. Crying hard and loud, He pulled me and tried to climb me so I said : ” up?” and carried him. The moment I did this he hit me, really hard with both hands in my face, he bite my shoulder and when I told him not to he started biting his hands and little fingers. He kept screaming.

I went out and he calm down inmediatly. But then my older child, who is not that old, cried because She couldn’t find me anywhere and I went back in. While I was trying to calm down the older the little man was hitting me like crazy. When I finally manage to calm my girl and explain her I was going to be near the exit door, she went to play. I walk to the entrance again and let my little boy to walk around in the other room. He was so happy in the “quiet” zone and been lonely.

Is that a normal behavior for a 20 month old?. The other 5  kids around his age were so happy running around, there were ballons, multicolore ones, little cars, a tumbling for little ones, a lot of toys to play with, and kids a lot of kids. those kids are 18, 19, 19, 20, 22 months old each one, all of them playing around in the crowded room.

I’m in the point I just don’t know If I seeing things just because all the information I read about autism or I’m just imagining, or really?

I use to be always sure of what I think and Do and lately I found my self double or triple doubting myself.

Hate to be in the limbo of a situation.. just not knowing is horrible.

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